D8 Contact-less IC Card Reader/Writer

D8 Contact-less IC Card Reader/Writer

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D8 is known as domestic famous contact-less IC card reader,the necessary testing contact-less card machine for domestic card、chip manufactures and testing organizations.Supports 2 SIM card slot,facilitates connection with PC and related devices by USB interface.USB adopts non-driver tech for user's convenient installation and operation.It is designed for necessary higher security filed like security card issuers . D8 is with development-driving  kits for various of platform,it also can facilitate  all functions of access RF card through added demonstration.Moreover,it has auto-testing card operation.

D8 Reader is a necessary front-end device for IC card development and system integration.With its' rich and perfect interface functions,D8 is available for using in smart card management and applications systems of charging,storing value and query :industry and commerce,telecommunications,postal.taxation,bank,insurance,medical,meting attendance,Internet cafe management and car parks...




Temperature range


Card contacts' life pan

10,0000 times

Card support

Support ISO14443 Type A/B contact-less card, with 2GSM 11.11 SAM card slot

Supply current


Communication types with PC

HID(USB no-driving)


ISO14443 Type A/B



Peripheral color

as pictures (can be customized)

Connection cable

With 1.5M connection line


LED indicator light,indicate power or communication status

Operating system

Windows 98、Me、2K、XP、2003,Unix and Linux




Support  function library of universal interface, various of operating systems and language development platform, online upgrading is available

Simultaneously support ISO 14443, Type A/B contact-less card,like:

Mifare S50、Mifare S70、MF1ICL10、Mifare Pro、Mifare desfire、Mifare ultralight、SLE44R31、SLE6-6cl、AT88RF020、HuaHong1102、SHC1108、FuDan FM1208...

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