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Contact IC card is the abbreviation of integrated circuit card. It is a plastic card embedded with integrated circuit chips. Its shape and size comply with international standards (ISO / IEC 7816, GB / t16649). In addition, it uses microprocessor, ROM and even non-volatile memory. IC card with CPU is the real smart card.

There are three types of contact IC card: memory card or memory card; smart card with CPU; super smart card with monitor, keyboard and CPU. It has the advantages of large storage capacity, strong security and easy to carry.

Mind supply all kinds of contact Ic chip card including 4428 contact ic chip card,4442 contact ic chip card, TG97 contact ic chip card and some CPU card which is high security EAL5, EAL 5+, EAL 6, EAL 6+ with 80KB or 128KB EEPROM size.

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In the case of a contact-type IC chip card, a cavity is milled into a conventional plastic card and then the corresponding chip is inserted with an adhesive. To do this, the plastic card must comply with ISO standard ISO-7816 and have a minimum thickness of 0.8mm or 800μ. Simple memory chips or cryptographic processor chips for secure applications can be used.

Product parameter

Material PVC/ABS/PET/Paper(Glossy / Matte/Frosted)
Size CR80 85.5*54mm as credit card
Chip Available Contact ic chip(See the chip table below for specific chip models)
Magnetic strip(optional) Loco 300oe,Loco 650oe,Hico 2750oe,Hico 4000oe
2 Ttrcks or 3 tracks
Black / Silver / Brown / Gold magnetic stripe
Printing Heidelberg offset printing / Pantone color printing /Screen printing:  100% match customer required color or sample
Surface Glossy, matt, glitter, metallic, laswer, or with overlay for thermal printer or with special lacquer for Epson inkjet printer
Barcode: 13 barcode, 128 barcode, 39 barcode, QR barcode, etc.
Embossing numbers or letters in silver or gold color
Metallic printing in gold or silver background
Signature panel / Scratch-off panel
Laser engraving numbers
Gold/siver foil stamping
UV spot printing
Pouch round or oval hole
Security printing: Hologram, OVI securiting printing, Braille, Fluorescent anti-counter feiting, Micro text printing
Packing details 200 pieces into a white box, then 15 boxes to a carton or custom on demand
MOQ 500pcs
Production leadtime 7 days for less than 100,000pcs
Payment terms Genernally by T/T, L/C,West-Union or Paypal

We have the following types of chips and suppliers in our range, among others. Combinations and hybrid cards are also possible

Infineon Atmel EM Microelectronic FUDAN MICRO
Infineon Security Cryptocontroller Atmel CryptoMemory IC EM Animal & Access ICs IDENTIFICATION AND MEMORY
SLE78CFX Series – 8 – 12 KByte AT88SC0204C – 256 Byte EM4200 - 128 Bit FM4428 - 8Kbits
AT88SC0404C – 512 Byte EM4205/4305 - 512 Bit FM4442 - 2Kbits
Infineon Datacarrier IC AT88SC0808C – 1 KByte EM4450 - 1KBit
SLE 5532 / SLE 5542 – 256 Byte AT88SC3216C – 4 KByte
SLE 4432 / SLE 4442 – 256 Byte AT88SC12816C – 16 KByte EM Microelectronic - MARIN SA
SLE 4428 / SLE 5528 – 1K Byte AT88SC25616C – 32 KByte EMTG97 - 3G - 97KB
Infineon Telecom IC Atmel Serial EEPROM IC
SLE 4436 – 221 bit AT24C02 – 256 Byte
SLE 5536 – 237 bit AT24C04 – 512 Byte
SLE 6636 – 237 bit AT24C16 – 2 KByte
SLE 7736 – 237 bit AT24C64 – 8 KByte
AT24C128 – 16 KByte
AT24C256 – 32 KByte

Carton size

Quantity Carton Size Weight(KG) volume(cbm)
1000 27*23.5*13.5cm 6.5 0.009
2000 32.5*21*21.5cm 13 0.015
3000 51*21.5*19.8cm 19.5 0.02
5000 48*21.5*30cm 33 0.03


contact ic chip card
QTY.(pcs) with encoding without encoding
≤10,000 7 days 7 days
20,000-50,000 8 days 7 days
60,000-80,000 8 days 8 days
90,000-120,000 9 days 8 days
130,000-200,000 11 days 8 days
210,000-300,000 12-15 days 9-10 days
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